Editor’s pickNew Vice President and Head of Digital Transformation appointed as Grundfos looks to the future

Fredrik Östbye has just been appointed Vice President and Head of Digital Transformation at Grundfos. Photo credit: Grundfos Swede Fredrik Östbye has been elected as the Grundfos’ new Vice President and Head of Digital Transformation as the Group looks to the future in taking digitalisation to levels never before seen in its business dealings. The 44-year-old Östbye …

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India: The unseen groundwater crisis

India’s water management is in a pickle. Centuries of political mismanagement, uninterested state and municipal governments; a steadily rising population that will hit an estimated 1.7 billion by 2050; and a burgeoning middle-class demanding a preferred protein-rich diet all need considerable water. The icing on the figurative cake is the …

Wastewater Treatment Project begins

A total of CAD$459 million (USD$343.8 million) has been pumped into a wastewater plant in the Capital Regional District (CRD) by the Government of Canada and the Government of British Columbia (BC). The project will not only create employment, but also take on regional challenges as well as safeguard the government. Construction will begin in …

Sift harmful pollutants from water with LANXESS

Water is not only the source of all life, the only alternative to water, is water. Thus, the importance of responsible management of water cannot be emphasised more, and that includes industrial production as well. Industrial production accounts for almost a quarter of water consumption globally, and the volume of wastewater produced is as high. …

USD$100 million given to Michigan for water infrastructure improvements

The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality in Flint, Michigan, was bestowed USD$100 million by the United States of America (USA) Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to invest in drinking water infrastructure improvements on Friday, 17th March. Granted by the Water Infrastructure Improvements for the Nation Act of 2016 (WIIN), the funds …

First merchant facility to treat water opens in California

In Wasco, California, the United States of America (USA), and surrounded by numerous active oil fields in the Bakersfield area, the very first merchant facility operated and maintained by Sweetwater Tech Resources (STR) to treat water produced by oil and gas for reuse and consumption has opened. Using Water Planet’s IntelliFlux®, this …

NEWIN rebrands itself

NEWIN, one of the world’s foremost water-innovation clusters, has been devoted to making an impact on the water industry in the global water market as well as in New England since 2011. The enterprise’s dedication to the acceleration of water innovation has grown immensely, and it has disclosed the opening of a new office in New York …

Ecor Research brings water where it is absent and needed

Italian company, Ecor Research Società per azioni (S.p.A.), has designed and manufactured a custom-made system for water treatment, a movable water purification unit. The enterprise specialises in the design and production of special test equipment, design of intricate automated systems, exterior engineering and assembly of complicated …


Xylem’s Flygt Experior Clog Free Pumping

The Flygt Experior pumping solution combines superior functionality of N-technology, premium efficiency motors and intelligent controls to offer the ultimate in efficient, clog-free pumping.

Glynwed/FIP: Exciting product launch coming your way in 2016

DK and DK/CP [DN 15-65]
New diaphragm valves with maximised flow rates, available in manual and pneumatically actuated versions.

Equipped with the DIALOCK® system – an innovative hand wheel with an immediate and ergonomic operating locking device that allows it to be adjusted and locked in over 300 positions.

A full range of pneumatically actuated versions with piston and diaphragm actuators.

Grundfos Production Site Tour

Join us for a tour at Grundfos’ production sites to experience the technical expertise and dedication that goes into manufacturing the SP pump and motor.

Peristaltic Hose Pump - Dura 55

The New Dura 55 peristaltic hose pump is the latest addition to the Dura family, offering second generation hose pump technology. It offers the market 20% more performance, high flow rates and lower maintenance, thus reducing your overall life cycle costs.

VIQUA: The Story of UV

A review of UV and its history in water treatment, how UV is used today, and the general make-up of a UV water disinfection system.