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The Myanmar Water 2013 Expo will open its door at Tatmadaw Exhibition Hall from 24th to 26th October 2013
URL: http://events.ubm.com/event/2660/myanmar-water-2013

Yangon, Myanmar  The event is being organized by a team of professionals and led by United Business Media (UBM) - Asia's No 1 water and wastewater event specialist.

Myanmar Water 2013 is the first international integrated water and wastewater industry event in Myanmar to engage over 180 companies across 12 countries. The countries include United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, France, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Myanmar. The event will feature new product launches where major companies in the industry get to showcase their latest ideas and innovations.

The exhibition will divided into three sections such as materials used in industrial sector and services, machines used for manufacturing plastic and rubber, and Myanmar marine resources.

"As Myanmar has water resources, we are going to stage this expo into distribution of drinking water, water treatment and its technology, preservation of natural flow of water," said managing director of UBM Asia (Thailand) Mr M Gandhi.

Myanmar Water 2013 has the support of the Myanmar Industries Association (MIA) and The Union of Myanmar Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry (UMFCCI).

The event brings together the worlds of water technology and water management, a point of interest for industry players in the region, as well as foreign investors interested in Myanmar's emerging market.

"We are going to connect the exhibitors and the small and medium enterprises, as well as distributors for installing of the factories, to make exchanges between them, and introduce business partners. It will benefit more to the field of Myanmar's production. At present, the mechanical sector is doing its best for competing with world's nations and so it plays an important role for using good quality machines," said Chairman of MIA Zaw Min Win.

Foreign companies will mainly stage technologies on wastewater treatment. And they are looking for representatives to sell their products in Myanmar's market. At present, machinery use in water treatment produced from Japan is directly imported and distributed by local company called "Wa Min" Company. WWA