Water & Wastewater Asia Jan/Feb 2018

WATER & WASTEWATER ASIA January / February 2018 IN PERSON / 17 Olgun Uğurdoğan took the reins of HAUS Cent r i fuge Technologies in September last year. He sat down with Water and Wastewater Asia to share about his goals in growing HAUS in Southeast Asia and his strong belief in partnership. I n the past six decades, HAUS has been producing equipment to improve its customer processes. The company provides decanter centrifuges, disc stack separators, continuous system olive oil plants, BioDigestors, screw presses and turbo blowers for industrial, food and environmental applications. Its Research and Development Center too, has also continuously elaborate on solutions which are innovative, efficient, environmentally friendly and energy saving. Advanced manufacturing technology and top edge fabrication tools also assure HAUS customers that they are able to achieve quality at competitive prices. In adddition, with an extended and proactive network of service centers in place, HAUS is able to assist customers in maintaining and prolonging the value of their equipment. With these traits, the company has been proven itself to be the right partner in supporting its customers’ growth. Olgun Uğurdoğan, Southeast Asia regional manager of HAUS