Water & Wastewater Asia Jan/Feb 2018

NEWSLETTER OF THE ^/E' WKZ t d Z ^^K / d/KE BRINGING A NEW VIBRANCY TO SINGAPORE’S GROWING WATER INDUSTRY Organised by SWA, 21 parƟcipants visited the FloaƟng Solar Photovoltaic Testbed at Tengeh Reservoir, which is a Įrst of its kind and the world’s largest ŇoaƟng solar photovoltaic cell test-bed. It comprises of 10 diīerent types of ŇoaƟng structures and PV modules, each generaƟng around 100 kWp, which allows the comparison of PV installaƟons’ performance against the rooŌop mounted systems. In addiƟon, the testbed also features an acƟve water cooling system, as well as a rooŌop reference system. Due to Singapore’s land- scarcity and locaƟon in the tropics, the ŇoaƟng PV is a highly promising project. d ,E/ > ^/d s/^/d dK &>K d/E' ^K> Z W,KdKsK>d / d ^d z ^ Z/^ 3 November 2017 ϯϯ ƌĚ ^/E' WKZ t d Z /E h^dZz E/d 30 November 2017, e2i west The 33 rd Singapore Water Industry Nite was held on 30 November at e2i west. Sponsored by UES Holdings Pte Ltd, the evening programme beganwith sharing sessions by UES Holdings, updates on the new PUB e-invoice submission & payment via interbank GIRO as well as presentaƟon by e2i services and grants. The event ended with the usual dinner and networking, which was well received by over 150 members and invited guests.