Water & Wastewater Asia Jan/Feb 2018

WATER & WASTEWATER ASIA January / February 2018 54 / TECH ROUND UP Honeywell’s H4000 water meter The V100 water meter All images are credited to Honeywell Smart Energy Honeywell: Reliable and safe products For Honeywell, preserving clean, po t ab l e wa t e r and hav i ng i t distributed safely is of the utmost importance. In keeping with that importance, the company builds reliability, functionality, and safety deep into every product. H oneywell’s products, developed with speed, simplicity, and high- performance in mind, are all geared towards reducing time and money spent on maintenance. Rigorous testing during phases of development translate into products that are both highly efficient and of high quality. Moreover, a full portfolioconsisting of valves, regulators, monitors, and even filters and distributors fulfill various demands with products that are technically aligned to demands, and can address a variety of situations. Regulators TheD15SandDR300areHoneywell’s pressure reducing valve and pressure regulator respectively, developed to protect pipes, valves, and system components fromdamage excessive water pressure can cause, especially at night when water consumption is lowered and system pressure has a predisposition to rise, or during hydraulic shock, also known as water hammer. The D15S, a polyamide powder coated pressure reducing valve for fluctuating pressure reduces service costs and keepsmaintenance simple and quick with its optimised cartridge concept. On the other hand, the DR500 is a pressure regulator that can be utilised for precise and accurate regulation performance, even if flow rates remain low. Additionally, the valve is designed in such a way, a bypass link is not required for installation, and it protects against excessive water pressure and water hammer surges. Pipeline valves Valves are vital for transporting drinkingwater safely, andHoneywell’s valves ensure the water is distributed sa f e l y, w i t h t he establishment of standard pressure i n t he e v en t o f pressure surges, thus protecting the pipes. The DH300 valve sustains a steady p r e s s u r e i n t h e network upstream of its location, and the valve can be opened at a pre-set pressure point for convenience. On t h e o t h e r hand, the MV300 is a remote-controlled solenoid valve that can initiate the opening or closing of the main valve through electric signals. The SV300, however, is a safety valve to prevent damage water hammers can cause. In addition, when water pressure upstream of its location exceeds a set pressure, the valve will automatically open and release water until the pressure in the pipes is normal again. Meters Honeywell’s advanced metering intelligence, ranging fromcommercial and industrial metering to smart metering improves operational efficiency, enabling utilities to more easily and reliably obtain data. Utilities can choose between turbine or electromagnetic meters for commercial and industrial meters that are suitable for a wide range of applications s p a n n i n g f r o m irrigation to network management. Sma r t me t e r s can be integrated, c l i p-on , or even wired radio modules and are compatible with common radio protocols. In addition, they are for use with automated meter reading (AMR) and advanced metering infrastructure (AMI). WWA