Water & Wastewater Asia Jan/Feb 2019

Vaughan’s Rotamix System sets the standard for hydraulic mixing, providing lower operating and maintenance costs, more efficient breakdown of solids and Vaughan’s UNMATCHED RELIABILITY. It’s perfect for digesters, sludge storage tanks, equalization basins and other process or suspension type mixing applications. • Guarantee 90% active volume mixing • +/- 1 degree Fahrenheit temperature distribution throughout the tank • No internal moving parts, allow for more tank operation flexibility (mix just the bottom or just the top or the whole tank) • Various materials of construction available • Over 2,000 systems world wide • Ability to focus mixing in certain areas (like the bottom of the tank to keep solids suspended so they don’t settle) OUR HYDRAULIC MIXING CAUSES QUITE A STIR Visit us at Water Philippines in Vaughan Booth P56. ChopperPumps.com | 360.249.4042 | info@chopperpumps.com