Water & Wastewater Asia Jan/Feb 2019

Water & Wastewater Asia • January / February 2019 IN PERSON | 21 “After we entered and developed other Southeast Asian nations such as Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand, among others, we decided to enter Vietnam,” Osada explained, with their booth at the recent VietWater, held in November 2018, heralding their fifth time at the exhibition. “TheVietnamesemarket has quickly expanded, and over the past few years, the growth curve has been very sharp,” Osada noted. “That was the deciding factor on whether or not we should open a new branch in Vietnam.” Moreover, there is a unique aspect of the market – Vietnamese customers have displayed a marked preference for pumps manufactured in Japan. This has ensured their place in the country, despite their slightly higher prices. “Tsurumi’s biggest branch in Asia may be located in Singapore, but I hope that the branch which will hold the top spot in Asia is Vietnam as there is a lot of potential,” Osada said. CHALLENGES Despite the high level of digitalisation each Tsurumi pump comes with, customers in Vietnam have not had issues with them. Instead, Tsurumi found out that while imitation is the highest form of flattery, it costs them far more economically. “You can easily find imitations of our original products, especially in this part of Asia. Tsurumi’s pumps and the imitation pumps even look similar, but the structure and quality are completely different,” admitted Osada. “The prices are half or one third of ours, and they’re lifespan is shorter, only able to be used for one project.” But on top of battling the many implications counterfeit products in the market may have on Tsurumi and their reputation, the pump manufacturers also have to keep their data safe. “For this, we have established our very own cloud data system, where we keep all our drawings an market information, and we never put this information in local computers,” Osada shared. “But we are all always connected to the cloud, so we can always download any necessary information.” THE FUTURE With so many changes to the water industry as well as their successful entry into Vietnam’s pump scene, Tsurumi’s future looks bright, and there are already many plans the company has in the pipeline. “Oneof the changeswehave coming in the future is that we will be introducing the Internet of Things to our pumps,” Osada revealed. “We have already registered it, and we will be enabling our pumps soon.” But that is not all Tsurumi has in store for the future. “Right now, our products are mostly used for construction and mining purposes,” Osada added. “But in the future, we will not only be focusing more on developing wastewater and sewage pumps, but we are also looking to branchingouttowastewaterequipmenttoo.” WWA Tsurumi’s range of submersible wastewater pumps, displayed in VietWater All images are credited to Tsurumi Pumps