Water & Wastewater Asia Jan/Feb 2020

January / February 2020 • waterwastewaterasia.com 14 5 MINUTES WITH Loic Lebegue, Business Development Manager for the Environment Industry at ANDRITZ Separation The leading separation specialist Southeast Asia (SEA) is an active and fast-evolving region. Consequently, the growing population, urbanisation and rising energy demands have brought about significant challenges when it comes to efficiency in wastewater treatment, sludge treatment, or providing drinking water as well as from seawater desalination. In addition, environmental regulations constantly add new pressures while the conservation of energy and resources remains a top priority. ANDRITZ shares how they tackle these challenges while retaining their position as a powerhouse in this region. T he ANDRITZ organisation in the region, which is both Asia Pacific based and led, is supported by the global team of separation professionals, their experience, and financial strength, geared towards delivering efficient, sustainable, reliable, and safe wastewater treatment solutions that will meet even the most stringent local requirements, explained Loic Lebegue, global business development director for the environment industry at ANDIRTZ Separation. For more than 150 years, the organisation has been delivering smart separation solutions, and today, it covers the entire wastewater and sludge treatment process — from screening and thickening to dewatering, drying, and combustion. “We believe that the treatment of industrial wastewater streams is becoming a hot topic. From pulp and paper to food processing or chemical industries, the industrial output is growing across the region, requiring closer attention to waste and wastewater treatment,” said Lebegue. In order to tackle complex challenges brought forth by the growth, a trusted and reliable partner such as ANDRITZ is required. Lebegue also emphasised that the most important factor is to continue to invest in wastewater treatment facilities. But just as regulatory standards are being tightened up, municipal budgets are also coming under more pressure. However, ANDRITZ believes that with its full and global view of the wastewater treatment needs, the organisation is able to act as a trusted, long-term partner.