Water & Wastewater Asia Jul/Aug 2018

WATER & WASTEWATER ASIA July / August 2018 44 / INSIGHT With 80 per cent of capital invested in the distribution network, AVEVA’s Aquis puts you not only in control but also in a commanding position for emergencies and planed activities. a t e r u t i l i t i e s c o n s t a n t l y expe r i ence t he c h a l l e n g e o f o p t i m i s i n g pressure, velocities, pumps, reservoirs, quality, electrical power and leaks. On the other hand, they also have the challenge to predict f a i l ure of l i near asse t s and refurbishment planning. From a consumer perspective, water quality (also known as water age) — in terms of depleting disinfection, typically chlorine — in the distribution networks is equally A sample of the Network KPI and and soft button panel for operator to monitor, control, predict and optimise network. Colours, graphics and number of network parameters are programmable and as per the need of the utility important with the quantity of water they get. The importance of water quality is stressed by Amit Thakare, business development director for Water and Wastewater at AVEVA. “Water age is a one of very vital information,” he said. The lower the water age, the better the quality of the water. The longer the water stays in the pipe, disinfectant concentration may not be strong enough to curb bacteria growth, hence, Thakare emphasised the importance of looking into digital core competencies in order to ensure that water is consistently deployed at the highest quality and also adequate quantity to every tap in the distribution network. Although many utilities have invested significantly in the SCADA systems (and hydraulic models in some cases), this only allows for partial monitoring of the network as it does not provide the option to proactively simulate t h e i mp a c t o f c h a n g e s i n conditions on the distribution network. Without intelligence about operational performance; network status; and demand, water utilities face the challenge of reacting swiftly to any change in these conditions. This is on top of regulatory standards, which are becoming increasingly challenging, and non-revenue water, which has financial impact on water utilities, water resources and quality of water. Sample of pressure map indicating high, medium and low pressure in real time and predicted future values