Water & Wastewater Asia Jul/Aug 2018

WATER & WASTEWATER ASIA July / August 2018 NEWS / 5 Lanxess enhances its LewaPlus software W ith the LewaPlus 2.0 software release, Lanxess users now have the unique ability to combine per drag and drop different technologies in one design. A focus on user-friendliness Users can now seamlessly simulate complex plant designs including a combination of several treatment steps in a single design process. The water analysis calculated by the individual modules is automatically taken over as feed to the subsequent module. During the design process, the user can change the design of the system via drag and drop — even retrospectively in a later stage of the process. The software can also now show all of the selected modules in a combined PDF report with a list of links to the respective modules. In addition, the new vers i on a l so enab l es L e w a P l u s u s e r s t o identify which Lewatite and Lewabrene quality products they can use instead of conventional ion exchange resin types and reverse osmos i s membrane elements to upgrade their plants. Improving the eco- balance The i n t u i t i ve des i gn software LewaPlus is a comprehensive tool for planning and designing an industrial water treatment system and allows the d imens i on i ng o f i on exchange — and reverse osmosis systems for a wide variety of unique system configurations. Numerous modules are available for the calculation of every step of the water treatment process. As a result, users can precisely plan important factors such as operating costs, power consumption, andwater quality. Onemodule can even be used to model a closed-circuit reverse osmosis (CCRO system). This helps to enhance the eco-balance of water treatment through the use of either zero liquid discharge (ZLD) or minimal liquid discharge (MLD) treatment processes. WWA