Water & Wastewater Asia Jul/Aug 2018

WATER & WASTEWATER ASIA July / August 2018 68 THIS year’s TechXchange is designed to connect innovators with partners, buyers and investors to accelerate commercialisation of new water technologies from lab to market. The TechXchange forum has been set up to foster interactive debate, generate networking opportunities, present innovative technologies and facilitate discussions hosted by industry leaders. The event will also see George Hawkins, founder of Moonshot LLC& executive in residence of XPVWater Partners, giving an inspirational and visionary speech to set the stage for TechXchange 2018; a call for game-changers in water innovation and to encourage thinking outside the box. In addition, the audience will also have the opportunity to vote for the TechXchange 2018 – ‘Most Valuable Technology’ and ‘Rising Stars’ through a customised voting application. Participating companies at this event are: Biowater Technology designs and engineers next generation technologies and solutions for the municipal and industrial wastewater treatment markets. The team has experience from over 300 projects and installations of MBBR worldwide. The company provides innovative technologies and solutions for biological treatment of water and wastewater. Medad Technologies Pte Ltd (Singapore) was founded in 2012 to apply AD technology to desalination, the reclamation of a variety of “problem” waters, zero liqud discharge (“ZLD”) and the generation of very high-purity water. ROTECLtd., established in February 2009, develops novel and breakthrough technologies for sensing, monitoring, and prevention of mineral scaling on the surface of membranes and pipes in the water treatment industry. CirTec provides the most appropriate solution for a large number of environmental issues. Waste recycling, re-use of materials and recovery of low-grade energy are key to their solutions. Through research and collaboration we look for new ways to solve existing problems in a more sustainable and economical way. We are active in the municipal and industrial market worldwide and focus on the treatment of wastewater, drinking and process water, biosolids, sludge and gasses. Separation and thickening of solids and liquids are also part of our core activities. AeroLion is a spin-out from the Unmanned Systems Research Group of the National University of Singapore. The company specialises in UAV autonomy and navigation in both indoor and outdoor cluttered environment. Their main directions include autonomous navigation of unmanned rotorcraft systems, design of unconventional aircrafts, and to provide solutions with intelligent UAVs for a wide range of real-life applications.