Water & Wastewater Asia Jul/Aug 2018

WATER & WASTEWATER ASIA July / August 2018 69 SIGA’s Incipient Failure Detection solution; SigaPlatform, enables industrial, commercial, and critical infrastructure operators to dramatically improve the reliability, safety, and cyber security of their assets, with minimal financial or human resources and without disrupting existing Industrial Control Systems. Water Optics Technology Pte Ltd (WOT) is a Singapore-based nanotechnology company with a vision of becoming the leader of water bio safety monitoring industry. The company created Optofludic Sensor to identify every single disease-causing microbes in drinking water. Ecosen Solutions Pte Ltd leverages a revolutionary patent-protected sensing technology to produce holistic water quality monitoring and solution systems to support water management companies in safeguarding water resources and infrastructure. The core technical team of Ecosen Solutions brings to the table decades of experience in: • Multi-mode sensing technology development • Water chemistry, biological pigments, and physical sensing • Solution system for in-situ real-time spatiotemporal water quality observation BlueOcean Memtech Pte Ltd (BOM) is a spin-off company of NUS, which focuses on the development and commercialisation of membrane and water treatment technologies based in Singapore. The company’s core business is to provide quality solutions, services and equipment on membrane research, fabrication, and water treatments. AquaMembranes, founded in 2011, revolutionizes membrane filtration with its unique and patented 3D spacer technology that dramatically improves the efficiency of spiral wound membranes, minimises fouling potential and reduces capital and operational costs. Their unique technology is perfect for spiral-wound membrane manufacturers eager to improve their product performance and whose customers demand more durable, low maintenance elements that can withstand challenging feed streams. Aquafortus has invented a novel osmotic solution that can be switched between two forms: a salty liquid and an oil form. In its salt state, it is a very powerful osmotic liquid, suitable for driving an Forward Osmosis process. In its oil state, Aquafortus’ novel osmotic solution is incapable of associating with water, and it freely separates from all the water it previously absorbed. Only a small shift in temperature of 1°C above the process temperature is required to transform the Aquafortus osmotic solution from its salt state to its oil state. The Aquafortus osmotic solution can be recovered in a matter of seconds, due to the rapid kinetics and sharp transitions of the recovery process.