Water & Wastewater Asia Jul/Aug 2018

WATER & WASTEWATER ASIA July / August 2018 73 Diehl Metering’s HYDRUS 2.0 sets the standard for highly accurate water consumption measurement DI EHL METERING enab l es customers to handle natural resources and energy in a highly efficient way. With its intelligent solutions and consistent service, cus t ome r s a re se t t o reap economic success and ecological sustainability. Make your processes efficient HYDRUS 2.0 helps you to approach digitalisation step by step. With each meter equip with high-performance radio and is IoT- compatible, readings can be carried out immediately and efficiently via drive-by or walk-by. In addition, the meter can also be upgraded to a fixed network any time — without the need for parameterisation of individual meters. Be it smart monitoring and leak detection; optimisation of the distribution network; linking to a smart city concept; automated billing or customer service, the HYDRUS 2.0 can be used as a basis for strategic and modular expansion of infrastructure and data processes. The feature-on-demand strategy In fact, the HYDRUS 2.0 comes ready with all features that simply just have to be activated when needed. With its powerful technology, i t prov i des water supp l i er s , municipalities and industrial companies efficient access to the world of smart metering. As a business enabler, Diehl Metering will also be on hand to provide advice— working with customers to develop a future-proof business model. HYDRUS 2.0 ULTRASONIC TECHNOLOGY The HYDRUS 2.0 ultrasonic smart water meter definitely sets the standard for highly accurate water consumptionmeasuringandenables digitalised smart meter reading for all areas of domestic water supply. Even severely contaminated water can flow freely through the HYDRUS 2.0—giving dirt particles no chance of settling. The double ultrasonic measuring path also ensures the highest precision, with detected backflows and air taken into account when measuring. If one measuring path is blocked, the other continues to work reliably — an alert will be sent out automatically. With the HYDRUS 2.0, Diehl Metering has fundamentally revised its successful concept.