Water & Wastewater Asia Jul/Aug 2018

WATER & WASTEWATER ASIA July / August 2018 78 at B2-X14 THE VEGAPULS 64 is a sensor for continuous level measurement of liquids. It is the first radar level sensor for liquids that operates at a frequency of 80 GHz. With an 80-mm antenna, this results in a beam angle of only 3°. T h e VEGAPUL S 6 4 h a s dynamic range of 120 dB, which sets new standards for the detection of even the lowest reflected signals. Espec i a l l y when measuring the level of hydrocarbons that have poor reflective properties, the high dynamics delivers a significantly increased m e a s u r e m e n t certainty. For instance, virtually all media in the petrochemical industry, from crude oil to liquefied gases, can be measured reliably. Also, the excellent signal focusing enables simple deployment, even when there are heating pipes and other internal vessel structures. T h e a n t e n n a s y s t em o f VEGAPULS 64 is encapsulated in PTFE or PEEK, so there are no cavities or crevices in which product can accumulate. The surface of the material is very finely processed with diamond tools, which also considerably reduces product adhesion. Special software algorithms filter out interference caused by buildup on the antenna system, and thanks to the high dynamic range of the sensor, signal attenuation caused by product deposits is largely compensated. This allows the level to be reliably detected even with contamination on the sensor. Benefits • Exact measuring results independent of process conditions • High plant availability, because wear and maintenance-free • Maintenance-free operation through non-contact measuring principle Technical data • Transmission frequency: 80 GHz • Measuring range: 30 m • Accuracy: +/- 1 mm • Measurement cycle: < 500 ms VEGAPULS 64: Horn version VEGAPULS 64: Thread version VEGAPULS 64: Flange version The VEGAPULS 69 is a sensor for continuous measurement of bulk solids under different process conditions. It is ideal for level measurement in very high silos, large bunkers and segmented vessels. Thanks to the excellent signal focusing, a simple setup and reliable measurement is ensured. The VEGAPULS 69 can be equipped with an encapsulated plastic antenna or a lens antenna integrated in the metal flange. This enables the optimum adaption to different application areas. VEGAPULS 69: Flange version VEGAPULS 64: One Radar sensor for continuous level measurement of liquids VEGAPULS 69: One Radar sensor for continuous level measurement of bulk solids