Water & Wastewater Asia Jul/Aug 2018

WATER & WASTEWATER ASIA July / August 2018 83 OPERATION professionals have traditionally relied on SCADA systems to monitor the current conditions of the water network. However, using SCADA alone has its limitations as it cannot interpolate between measurement points or forecast operations. SCADA- hydraulic modeling integration generates a real-time water model that empowers operators and operation engineers to more effectively improve the operations of the water systems they control. Engineers use SCADA data to calibrate their Bentley’sWaterGEMS hydraulic models for planning and design decisions and have done so for long period of time. Recently, however, WaterGEMS users can connect to an unlimited number of SCADA signals to enable the use of live and historical data from their SCADA system. The real-time hydraulic models gene r a t ed by Wa t e rGEMS ’ integration with SCADA can be used to inform operators about how the network will respond to any changes that occur in the future (e.g., change of pump status, emergency response, and more). The model can be used to test alternative ways to operate the system to save energy or improve efficiency, or it can be used to examine operational responses to non-typical events such as fires, pipe breaks, power outages, and non-standard demands. WaterGEMS is also making it much easier for operators to visualise hydraulic modeling results, which they can view directly within the SCADA control (or human machine interface [HMI] screen) and perform various what-if simulations. Operators can now leverage new emergency response functionality to quickly and easily simulate their network’s response to emergencies such as pipe breaks or fires. This major improvement enables them to be better prepared to respond to emergencies. About WaterGEMS Engineers at utilities, municipalities, and civil engineering firms around the world use WaterGEMS for the analysis and design of water distribution systems – from automated fire flow, water quality, criticality and flushing studies to energy cost analysis, pipe renewal optimisation, and genetic algorithm optimiation modules for automating pipe design, calibration, water loss detection, and pump scheduling. Simulating networks in real time using WaterGEMS The real-time hydraulic models generated by WaterGEMS’ integration with SCADA can be used to inform operators about how the network will respond to any changes that occur in the future. Image courtesy of Sabesp