Water & Wastewater Asia Jul/Aug 2019

Water & Wastewater Asia • July / August 2019 52 | COMPANY PROFILE Founded in the basement labs of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Gradiant Corporation has come a long way – and it’s just getting started. Gradiant’s two founders, Anurag Bajpayee (left) and Prakash Govindan (right). I f you talk to Prakash Govindan about Gradiant Corporation and what it does, you’ll notice that he sounds like a proud father – and he has every right to be, as the company’s co-founder and CTO. Founded out of MIT, Gradiant Corporation owes its success to its two founders, Prakash Govindan and Anurag Bajpayee. Under their leadership, the company has grown internationally with headquarters in USA and Singapore, three operating subsidiaries: Gradiant Energy Services, Gradiant China, and Gradiant India and over 200 global patents. According to Dr. Govindan, Gradiant specialises in innovation and R&D, and provides unique solutions in three general areas: Desalination/Brine Concentration, Clarification, and Disinfection. Dr. Govindan spoke to his flagship technology Carrier Gas Extraction which he developed out of MIT while a student there and his newest technology Counter Flow Reverse Osmosis, which was invented in-house at Gradiant: “Our award-winning flagship technology, Carrier Gas Extraction (CGE), replicates nature’s rain cycle within a controlled humidification dehumidification system for industrial application. It’s hyper-efficient in terms of cost and footprint, and uses a marginal amount of thermal energy to produce freshwater from wastewater and saline streams.