Water & Wastewater Asia Mar/Apr 2018

WATER & WASTEWATER ASIA March / April 2018 IN THE SPOTLIGHT / 13 Luka Erceg, President and CEO of Drylet D rylet is a company that produces bio-catalyst products that accelerate microbial activity and mass-to-gas conversion in any biologic process. In Drylet’s products, themicrobes are specifically selected to consume waste and loaded onto super-porous particles. Hence, the resulting biocatalyst can easily overpower the native microbes, and beneficial microbes outnumber the bad actors. “The effect is this tremendous reduction in biosolids. By doing that, we’re actually doing what nature wanted – converting these biosolids into gas. With CO2, we are compliant to the rapid carbon cycle and feed growth in plant life,” said Luka Erceg, president and CEO of Drylet. Using Aqua Assist An example of Drylet’s product i s A q u a A s s i s t , a n e a s y - t o - a pp l y, d r y - t o - t h e - t o u c h p r o d u c t t h a t i s a d d e d da i l y as pa r t o f t he rou t i ne wastewater facility maintenance programme. “The way the product works is it accelerates the amount o f mass - t o-gas conve r s i on . So essentially, the microbes that we deliver into the system consume organic matter and convert into water, CO2 and nitrogen gas in a process known as off-gassing,” explained Erceg. “The benefit for the customers is it reduces the sludge that comes out from the back of the plant.” For instance, New Mexico Water Service (New Mexico Water) A l o t o f companies are looking to break new grounds , but not many can ach i eve wha t Drylet has; its recognitions and the opportunity to tap into the Chinese market.