Water & Wastewater Asia Mar/Apr 2018

WATER & WASTEWATER ASIA March / April 2018 28 / FROM THE GROUND M ore than a third of the world’s drinking water is lost before it reaches consumers. Not only does this inefficiency affect utilities by increasing operational costs and failing to provide a satisfactory customer service – but it also has a huge impac t on t he environment. A smart water network is a fully integrated set of products, so l u t i ons and sys t ems t ha t enables water utilities to remotely and continuously monitor and diagnose problems within the network. Intelligent networks can help utilities address the challenging and precious resource that water has become, and a c c u r a t e d a t a f r om t h e s e networks can improve business decisions. With its acquisition of Sensus and Visenti in November 2016, Xylem has brought best-in-class technology solutions together, to create an unmatched end-to- end smart water offering to the global water market delivering an unmatched combination of technology and services. Visenti is a technology innovation company that has deployed the world’s largest smart water network platform in Asia. It has, at its core, the engineering knowledge, technology and experience to help utilities reduce their non-revenue water with a cutting edge smart water network. Figure 1: An example of several sensors within the vicinity that detected a break that was traced back to a large main