Water & Wastewater Asia Mar/Apr 2018

WATER & WASTEWATER ASIA March / April 2018 48 / COMPANY PROFILE tg UV Technology (atg UV) a r e e x p e r t s i n t h e application of ultraviolet light (UV), for chemical- free water disinfection, specialising in both medium pressure and low p r e s s u r e a m a l g a m l a m p technologies. Headquartered in Wigan, UK, the company has been delivering industry-leading UV disinfection systems since 1981. ISO 9001 certified with Achilles UVBD and NSF accreditation, the company operates globally in a wide range of markets including swimming pools, wastewater, drinking water, oil & gas, and industrial. Expanding into Asia An independent UK manufacturer with a current headcount of approximately 65 and a turnover of US$15 million, atg UV is now taking a leap into Asia – bringing its innovative designs and related technologies into the region. “Our long-term goal is to move more into Asia so this show (VietWater 2017) is a way for us to test the market, and to understand how it is developing with regards to UV,” explained Barry Hopton, municipal business manager of atg UV Technology. While UV is not a default disinfection process in Asia yet, it is becoming part of the standard approach for drinking water and wastewater treatment. Hopton said, “I think the market for UV is certainly expanding here. As UV has become more accepted, more customers are using it and it’s now commonly specified in tender documents. If the market evaluates all the technologies against UV, considers all the pros and cons, and changes the fundamental approach to having a multistage disinfection policy, then I think UV will see a significant growth here in the next few years.” Why atg UV technology? UV is very effective against chlorine-resistant Bacteria, and this includes the microorganism known as Cryptosporidium , which can cause severe stomach cramps or diarrhoea and compromise the immune system. In severe cases, it can also potentially cause death. Hence, Hopton emphasised that UV should be used in the tertiary treatment stage as it supports the philosophy of making sure that the total bacteria count in the wastewater is reduced significantly before being discharge into any stream, river or wetland. Another benefit is the reduction in the usage of chemicals. Many applications still need supplemental disinfection with chlorine, but UV takes themain burden of disinfection and reduces the chlorine to a lower rate for residual disinfection in the network. In addition, the technology is also economically effective and relatively simple to install and maintain. Proven results CEMEX is one of the world’s leading cement producers and suppliers of building materials. The company needed to limit their manufacturing footprint in terms of process water usage, hence, CEMEX UK sourced their water from the final settlement lagoons of their local wastewater treatment plant (Anglian Water). To protect against the microbial induced corrosion of CEMEX’s pipe work and equipment, atg UV approached the company and supplied a containerised UV wastewater treatment plant to disinfect 125 m 3 /hr of effluent wastewater. The pilot trial was a success, which led to atg UV implementing a mobile, containerised UV plant featuring a high output low pressure 8 x 800 Watt amalgam UVLW UV system, sized to provide a >3 log (99.9 per cent) reduction of general aerobic bacteria, sulfate reducing bacteria (SRBs) and anti-biotic resistant bacteria (ARBs). 2018 and beyond The flexibility in engineering and design of their products has led to atg UV growing from strength to strength – with the company aiming to make a big push into their export markets this year. Hopton said, “My colleagues and I have been working very hard and travelling across Europe, and especially Asia to start building relationships. We’re also looking to push our export products sales in the global industrial and pool sectors along with the municipal business. We are looking forward to the challenge.” WWA For more than three decades, atg UV Technology has been delivering solid results to their customers - offering a wealth of industry experience, specialised knowledge and expertise for water treatment.