Water & Wastewater Asia Mar/Apr 2018

WATER & WASTEWATER ASIA March / April 2018 52 / TECH ROUND UP SOFREL LX: A new generation of IoT data loggers to monitor water networks and non-revenue water reduction. L ACROIX Sofrel, a company with over 40 years of expertise in the remote management of water and energy networks, is launching its new range of data logger, the SOFREL LX. Specifically designed for water networks, the eight data loggers in the range are divided into two product families — SOFREL LS for drinking water networks and SOFREL LT for wastewater. Comp l e t e l y wa t e r p r o o f , equipped with high-performance 2G/3G antenna, and a guarantee of up to 10 years of autonomy thanks to their high-capacity lithium batteries, the Sofrel LX data loggers are compatible with all measurement instruments. Ded i ca t ed t o con t i nuous monitoring and improvement of network performance, the Sofrel LX data loggers is the optimal solution for 24-hour monitoring of installations without electricity for water operators. In addition, their business-oriented features are able to effectively respond to: • Smart remote metering • District Metering Area (DMA) • Non-revenue water reduction • Dynamic pressure management • Self-monitoring and continuous diagnostics • Rain gauge monitoring • Water quality and physico- chemical monitoring Easily installed and user-friendly thanks to the Sofrel PCWin2 and WEB LS data centralisation software, the LX data loggers can be used with all SCADA on the market and third-party applications from major water operators. LACROIX Sofrel’s core competence: Data transmission Since its creation in 1971, LACROIX Sofrel has specialised in remote transmission, particularly in wireless communication technologies. And The Sofrel LX