Water & Wastewater Asia Mar/Apr 2020

March / April 2020 • waterwastewaterasia.com 26 IN THE FIELD Working across large areas can prove to be a nightmare when it comes to monitoring the water network, but PJTII found its solution in LACROIX Sofrel’s LS-Flow and PCWIN2 software. A s a state-owned enterprise, Perum Jasa Tirta II (PJTII) operates and maintains one of the biggest dams in Indonesia (Ir. H. Djuanda Dam), along with the main canals, secondary canals, and many water infrastructures. It also supplies raw water to over 450 customers, including local water utilities (PDAM) and other industries. All in all, PJTII is responsible for water resource supply and management through the Citarum River Basin (CRB) and Ciliwung- Cisadane River Basin, running through 74 rivers in the West Java and DKI Jakarta provinces, as well as 14 cities and regencies – this comes to a total service area of approximately 12,000km 2 . A NEED FOR IMPROVEMENT In managing water systems and resources, PJTII uses telemetry systems to monitor and control water levels, rainfall, climate and water quality. Previously, this measurement was done using customer-owned water meters, which had varied rates of accuracy and reliability, and resulted in inaccurate consumption billing. Adding to the challenge was the fact that PJTII customers were located in different locations; scattered across the Bekasi, Karawang, Subang, Indramayu, Purwakarta, and Bandung regencies. To improve monitoring and billing demands, PJTII decided to take on a new approach by using accurate electronic water meters with data loggers, and implementing Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) technology. Monitoring with ease: LACROIX Sofrel at PJTII