Water & Wastewater Asia May/Jun 2018

here is a growing awareness of the importance of professional drinking water treatment and eco-friendly methods of wastewater reuse and recycling – not just in arid regions, but around the world. Against this backdrop, ultrafiltration (UF) has taken on an increasingly important role over the past 15 to 20 years in a broad range of water treatment applications. As treatment plants get bigger, so do the challenges involved in building and running them. As a result, the quality and reliability of their components has become a key factor, and comprehensive technical support from component suppliers has become a crucial part of successful plant engineering projects. And inge ® is one company that has achieved huge success in recent years by identifying and fulfilling those needs. TUAS III – Singapore: Drinking water from the ocean for a country without a ready supply of fresh water A mega-project that offers a striking example of inge ® technology in the Southeast Asia region is TUAS III in Singapore. The island city-state has no fresh water reserves of its own and is therefore entirely reliant on alternative sources of drinkingwater such as rainwater collection. These sources include cleaned and recycled water, imported water and seawater desalination. The latter option already makes up one quarter of Singapore’s water supply and is steadily gaining in importance. Since 2005, the country has had the technology in place to secure enough water for its more than 5.5 million citizens, and by 2060 it hopes to cover 30 per cent of its water requirements with sea water desalination. The new sea water desalination plant TUAS III, scheduled to come online by the end of 2017, has inge GmbH supplying the UF system to pretreat 289,000 cubic meters a day (76.6 MGD) of pre-filtered water for the subsequent reverse osmosis stage. This is the first sea water desalination plant in Singapore that will be run directly by the national water agency PUB. The end customer has therefore insisted The T-Rack ® 3.0 concept WATER & WASTEWATER ASIA May / June 2018 20 / FROM THE GROUND inge GmbH showcases how the company’s membrane technology has adopted a leading role in the ultrafiltration market. Reproduced with permission from inge GmbH .