Water & Wastewater Asia May/Jun 2018

on the highest standards of quality for all the system components. Along with supplying the UF technology, inge ® also provides extensive technical support to ensure all the customer’s requirements are met. Putatan in the Philippines The private water company Maynilad operates in the western part of the Manila metropolitan area in the Philippines, supplying drinking water to over nine million people. Maynilad runs a total of three water treatment plants, one of which – situated in the Putatan barangay in the city of Muntinlupa – uses inge ® ultrafiltration technology. The water is drawn from the Laguna Lake, which lies to the south-east of Manila and borders Muntinlupa. The lake water undergoes a rigorous filtration process before being used to supply 490,000 people with a total of 150 million litres of clean drinking water a day, 50 million litres (13 MGD) of which is filtered by inge ® ultrafiltration technology. Purifying the water poses some significant challenges, however. One of it is the seasonal variations in water quality, and the lake becoming soiled by industries such as a nearby slaughterhouse and an extensive fish farming right next to where the water is extracted. Despite the often extremely poor quality of the lake water, the inge ® ultrafiltration models have been running without a hitch for the past two years, delivering consistently clean water that meets the required quality standards. But it wasn’t just the high yields and consistent quality of the purified water that prompted the operator to choose this system. Both the plant constructor and the end customer were reassured by inge ® ’s experience and expertise in treating surface water as well as by the flexible operation of its innovative T-Rack ® 3.0 concept. They were also impressed by the comprehensive technical support inge ® provided throughout the installation and commissioning stages. The whole package was rounded off with extensive training for treatment plant employees by the inge ® team, which ultimately led to highly satisfied customers and an important reference project for the Southeast Asia region. The follow-on project, which is due to be completed this year, is also based around inge ® modules, providing yet another indication of how satisfied people are with this In-to-Out technology. WWA *All images are credited to inge GmbH. WATER & WASTEWATER ASIA May / June 2018 FROM THE GROUND / 21