Water & Wastewater Asia May/Jun 2018

WATER & WASTEWATER ASIA May / June 2018 SIWW 2018 SPECIAL / 53 Q : What do you think will be the highlight in SIWW 2018? With 2018 having been officially declared as the Year of Climate Action for Singapore, and World Water Day 2018 focusing on how we can use nature to overcome global water challenges, climate change and its impact on our water systems are expected to take centerstage at Singapore International Water Week 2018. This is underscored by the Special ASEAN Ministerial Meeting on Climate Action, which is scheduled to take place alongside SIWW 2018. Technology will continue to be a key driving force behind SIWW, as evidenced by the range of tech-focused programmes including City Solutions Singapore 2018 (CSS 2018) and TechXchange 2018. Visitors to CSS 2018 will see first-hand how innovations in emerging technologies such as automation, robotics and data analytics are applied within entire water systems, complementing Singapore’s own Smart Nation efforts. Q : What does SIWW2018 hope to achieve this year? BT : At SIWW 2018, we aim to continue the momentum fromSIWWSpotlight 2017, and delve deeper into topics such as integrated water management, water reuse and water quality surveillance. We will continue to leverage Singapore’s experience in establishing a “circular water economy”, and share our expertise in closing the water loop through approaches including drainage systems to harvest storm water for water supply, and reclaiming and retreating wastewater to be re-consumed. With climate change among the major themes this year, we hope that SIWW 2018 provides a global platform for the public and private sector to co-create actionable steps that bring us closer to solving the global water crisis. SIWW 2018 will also serve as a showcase for demonstrating how advancements in science, technology and operational capacity have made potable reuse a viable and pivotal water supply diversification solution. Q : What changes will be implemented this year? BT : In addition to the focus on the impact of climate change, SIWW2018 recognises that cities have become the world’s dominant demographic and economic clusters, with rapid urbanisation leading to the rise of “megacities”. SIWW programmes will focus on the twin themes of resilience and innovation in the integration of cities, water and environment, and facilitate the creation of innovative ideas and solutions for the development of liveable and sustainable cities of the future. In alignment, the Water Leaders Summit will feature a new Joint Leaders Forum: Closing the Loop - Catalysing a Resilient and Sustainable Future. Experts and leaders from the government, academia, business and international organisations participating in the World Cities Summit (WCS) and CleanEnviro Summit Singapore (CESS), which are co-located with SIWW2018, will share their views on solutions to forming the foundations of a circular economy and how the circular economy model can support global climate goals as outlined in the Paris Agreement on climate change. Q : What effect does SIWWhave on the global water community? BT : SIWW has facilitated the commercialisation of innovative solutions to address global water challenges, which have led to companies growing in tandem with SIWWover the years. One example is ZWEEC Analytics, which began as an online fish activity monitoring system technology provider. They exhibited as a startup at SIWW 2012 and won the 2012 International Water Association Asia Pacific Regional Project Innovation Awards (a co- located event held alongside SIWW 2012). Over the years, they continued to build their business contacts at SIWW. Now, they are SIWW’s newest Founding Sponsor and have joined the ranks of multi-national companies operating inmany global markets. SIWW is proud to have supported companies like ZWEEC in their development journey. Q : How do you imagine SIWW to be in the future? BT : Our aspiration is for SIWW to be recognised as a global thought leader in water management. As we continue to grow, we envisage that SIWW will drive the thought leadership and innovation for the entire water value chain. We see the who’s who in the water industry – from industry leaders and stalwarts to emerging startups and young water leaders, come together on a single global platform to share insights, best practices and access cutting-edge technologies that will ensure water sustainability for future generations. The desired outcome is to produce solutions that address the most pressing global water challenges and establish a pipeline of innovation and talent to support the global water industry. Q : And last but not least… any unannounced surprises that you can clue us in? BT : We are planning to introduce a new tech-based platform that will gather inputs and data fromstakeholders to project potential future trends and directions for the global water industry. Stay tuned for more details! The Singapore International Water Week will take place from8 to 12 July at the Sands Expo andConvention Centre, Marina Bay Sands in Singapore. WWA