Water & Wastewater Asia May/Jun 2018

WATER & WASTEWATER ASIA May / June 2018 60 / SHOW PREVIEW Transforming Sri Lanka’s water and wastewater industry ransformingSri Lanka’swater andwastewater industry with the latest and innovative p r a c t i c e s , t e c h n o l og y a nd i d e a s this August is LANKAWATER 2018. The Sri Lanka’s international water supply and treatment industry show is scheduled to be held at the Sri Lanka Exhibition & Convention Centre in Colombo from 23 rd to 25 th August 2018. The event is the business-to-business platform for local and international brands to come together and explore a wide range of products and services that aims to satisfy Sri Lanka’s growing need for accessible water and wastewater management, With the theme ‘Towards Sustainable Water Management Practices’ this year, top industry experts from major multinational companies in the water supply and treatment industry will be sharing their experiences, knowledge and ideas on the development of infrastructure and improvement of Sri Lanka’s water management system. Interested exhibitors will be given priority to participate at the seminar. In addition, the show is also set to see an estimate of more than 250 international brands from across the globe, including China, Italy, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and India. Revitalising the water and wastewater industry From2013 to 2017, Sri Lanka had an impressive average gross domestic product (GDP) growth of six per cent. The country’s economy has grown by leaps and bounds over the years, but its existing water supply and sewage network in Colombo was built a hundred years ago and is currently unable to meet the country’s increasing need for quality water. While pipe coverage may have grown across the country, coverage in rural areas is still lacking. Hence, the country began the process of restoring its water and wastewater networks with numerous projects, and one of them is with the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) in a three-year project to improve the monitoring of the water quality in Kelani River. Completed in March this year, the model used for the Kelani River can now be expanded to other major water bodies on the island. LANKAWATER is organised by AMB Tarsus Events Group, the region’s leading exhibition and conference organiser. The Group’s portfolio covers various industries such as water, energy, auto, build and infrastructure events in countries such as Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos and Bangladesh. Supported by the Sri Lanka Water Partnership, LANKAWATERisalsoco-locatedwithotherrelatedindustry events: SIVAR, LANKABUILD, and LANKAENERGY, making this trade event a truly one-stop destination for architects, consultants, engineers and managers. WWA