Water & Wastewater Asia May/Jun 2018

62 / SHOW REVIEW WATER & WASTEWATER ASIA May / June 2018 he Emerson TM Solutions Centre in Singapore has collaboration spaces with s t a t e - o f - t h e - a r t multimedia technology, including augmented reality and virtual reality. Visitors at the Emerson Solutions Centre for the seminar, ‘Follow the water’, saw the company’s commitment to radically improve process and industrial business customers’ performance with measurable results. The company has made Singapore a hub for the delivery of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technologies and services for customers across Asia Pacific. And one of the capabilities Emerson brought to life is its Plantweb TM Digital Ecosystem, the industry’s most comprehensive Industrial IoT automation platform. Raising the depth and breadth of manufacturing competencies The Plantweb Digital Ecosystem harnesses the power of IIoT to expand digital intelligence to the entire manufacturing enterprise in order to achieve operational certainty. The flexible and scalable digital ecosystem features secure and robust real-time insight from pervasive sensing technologies, and can be seamlessly integrated into customers’ current infrastructure to monitor one or thousands of assets. Taking a step further Going beyond a traditional seminar, visitors at the event were treated to an immersive experience of the Plantweb technologies that operate and maintain the digital plant of the future – with wireless sensors feeding data through a digital communications network that gets analysed by software programmes and becomes available for actionable use through apps and cloud-based services. At every step of the demonstrations, experts at Emerson were there to educate visitors and help them understand the importance of digitalisation. The digital plant at Emerson Solutions Centre is a replica of a process manufacturing facility that is equipped with Emerson’s foundational digital solutions for process control and safety systems, as well as new IIoT technologies. William Tan, Deputy General Manager of Emerson The Centre also included a Central Control Room where visitors can experience simulations of critical manufacturing processes for process optimisation. “The process industry today is very lean,” said William Tan, deputy general manager of Emerson.