Water & Wastewater Asia May/Jun 2018

News 8
In the Spotlight 14
AVEVA captures the economic and social benefits of digital transformation 14
Market Report 16
The reuse opportunity 16
From the Ground 22
The heart of pure water 22
PUB: Clear vision leads to NEWater and much more 24
The journey to become a smart water network 27
Marseille uses the potential of the Mediterranean for heating and cooling buildings 30
Insight 36
What lies beneath water consumption? 36
Even in the ever-evolving water industry, IDE Technologies remains ahead of the curve with unique insights 38
Opinion 41
Zero discharge systems: Innovative trends of industrial wastewater re-use for metallurgical and steelmaking plants 41
SWA Newsletter 45
Tech Round Up 49
COMBIPRO®: The pretreatment choice 49
The Lego® principle: The modular automation for multistage and flexible water treatment 50
SIWW 2018 Special 54
The celebration of a decade 54
The fight against waterborne diseases 56
Show Preview 61
The premier event for pumps, valves and boilers 61
Transforming Sri Lanka’s water and wastewater industry 62
The gathering for the water and wastewater industry 63
Show Review 64
Emerson Solutions Centre: A vision of tomorrow 64
ASIAWATER 2018: A resounding success for the region’s best show 66
Events Calendar 68