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WATER & WASTEWATER ASIA November / December 2017
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Is the Water
Industry ready
for the future
Wi th many water and sewerage companies
around the world facing more and more challenges,
making the right decisions now are harder and
more critical than ever.
Adrian Champion
ajority of water and
sewerage companies
across the world are
now faced with similar
challenges in business
as well as in other sectors: Revenue
growth, optimal operating margins,
asset performance, and resilience
are just some of the key areas
where stakeholders need constant
reassurance. As a result, making
the right decisions in these areas is
At the same time, the world is
becomingmore complex and volatile.
As the number of stakeholders
in the water sector continues to
increase, companies now also
need to consider new regulatory
requirements, the impacts of climate
change, cyber threats, and rising
costs on the business.
A recent published study showed
that in this environment, making
decisions is becoming ever more
difficult as compared to history, and
experience and intuition no longer
count as a guarantee for success.
To make the right decisions, the
right people need to have access to
the right information at the right time.
And for these insights, companies
need to maintain and protect their
own data as an asset and make the
best use of available external data.
In recent years, the volume of
data water and sewerage utilities
collect worldwide has been rising
sharply, and this trend will only
continue as smart meters and other
technologies are rolled out on a
wider scale.
But how can a water company
ensure that it capitalises on its existing
data while also not only keeping itself
from getting caught up in processing
it, but also creating an environment
where decisions are driven by robust
business intelligence?
There are many data analytics
challenges that water companies
face. How they can be overcome,
and what opportunities can the use
of data analytics open up for the
water sector?
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