Water & Wastewater Asia Nov/Dec 2018

Water & Wastewater Asia • November / December 2018 14 | IN PERSON P art of an organisation called Filtration Group which started in 2009 with the acquisition of Filtran LLC, a dominant player in filtration, POREX today sits as an organisation of 22 companies that have seen thousands of per cents of growth in less than 10 years. “Customers usually come specifically to us when they have a problem,” President of POREX’s Life Science Division, Jon Peacock, said. “They come looking for real solutions to real problems, and we work with them for that.” Fundamentally, POREX produces porous plastic fibre structures using three main types of technology, and their structures range from delicate to very hard, and even very loose. A carefully crafted product with a certain density and porosity that makes the liquid flow at a very specific rate. But the process and manufacturing of these products remain a secret to this day. “We do apologise for being so secretive, but it’s been a part of who we are for over 60 years; we’re famously unknown,” Nils Guvstavsson, Senior Vice President and General Manager, explained. “We solve problems and give customers solutions – it’s their credit, it’s their product. We don’t try to take credit for that, and it’s a very important aspect of who we are.” UNIQUE In 2017, POREX acquired Essentra Porous Technologies to round up their portfolio, and expanded from four operational facilities to nine. But expanding to nearly twice their original size within five years presented a number of challenges that they addressed in a unique way. “We like to behave as a big company, but we also like to behave as a small company. Big companies tend to be a bit slower, so we like to behave like a small organisation and move quickly,” Peacock explained. “It makes us more responsive to our customers, but it also means that we have to put decision-making at the front line.” On top of that, the machinery POREX uses are their own developments as well. “We have the know-how to make our own machines, and we make our own tools as well,” Guvstavsson said. “Customers would come to us with their specifications, everything from dimensions “Famously unknown”, yet a force to be reckoned with Overshadowed by many, POREX is a secretive, unique, diverse organisation operating in the background. One of Asia’s fastest growing companies, POREX’s best-kept secret is that it is a powerhouse in its own right. Executives of POREX pose together