Water & Wastewater Asia Nov/Dec 2018

Water & Wastewater Asia • November / December 2018 22 | FROM THE GROUND IDE Technologies takes on regulations and water scarcity With chemical-free desalination, IDE Technologies comes up with an answer to the many issues and challenges swirling around the water industry. From left to right: Jacky Ben-Yaish, VP of Engineering; Dr Boris Liberman, Chief Technological Officer; and Hila Koren, Marketing Manager W ater is a resource all need to survive, but water is also a resource that is not only scarce, but surrounded by government regulations as well. With regulations governing the use of chemicals in water such as chlorination and phosphorus to the total suspended solids present – and even the amount of ions that can be discharged along with brine – IDE Technologies began looking for a solution that would address not only the restrictions, but face water scarcity itself once and for all. CHEMICAL-FREE From design to development and demonstration, IDE Technologies took approximately five years to create their chemical-free desalination solution. Today, two desalination plants, including one in Australia, are working without any chemicals. “And if you don’t have chemicals, you don’t have issues with chemicals – you don’t need the dosing pumps, you don’t need to refill the chemicals, and you won’t have the costs associated with buying and using chemicals, for example. Your water would then become less expensive, and more affordable for