Water & Wastewater Asia Nov/Dec 2018

Water & Wastewater Asia • November / December 2018 38 | INSIGHT Seeing the water industry t h r o u g h P r o f e s s o r Benedito Braga’s eyes Wi th water becoming an increasingly scarce resource, countries need to work together now more than ever to ensure there is enough for all. Here, Professor Benedito Braga, President of the Wor ld Water Counci l , shares what he sees ahead, and gives advice on how the challenges can be tackled. President of the World Water Council, Benedito Braga P resident of the World Water Council, Benedito Braga, is a dynamic, accomplished man. Also the Secretary of State for Sanitation and Water Resources for Sao Paolo, Brazil, and professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Escola Politecnica of University of Sao Paolo, he has published 25 books and authored more than 200 scientific articles read all over the world. Moreso, he is a man deeply concerned about