Water & Wastewater Asia Nov/Dec 2018

The Danfoss iSave is also designed for automatic operation and is virtually fail-safe. Rotorspin is controlled by the electric motor, completely eliminating the risk of overflow/ overspin during start-up and operation. Hence, making iSave an ideal solution for almost any SWRO application — land-based or marine, new or retrofit. And based on a field-proven recovery principle and built from corrosion-resistant high-grade Duplex/Super Duplex stainless steel or polymer components. The design also eliminates the need for a high-pressure shaft seal and uses a single low-pressure mechanical shaft seal instead. All design decisions have been made to ensure that the iSave range boasts an impressively long service life. For instance, iSave’s unique design puts three key components of isobaric energy recovery exactly where they belong: Right next to each other. So now engineers can configure RO systems that are simpler, smaller and easier to operate — not least in tight places like containers. In addition, the 3-in-1 design allows fast commissioning, continuous monitoring of performance and easy regulation to accommodate seasonal changes. The iSave is also a very reliable and low- maintenance performer. With its direct-drive electric motor and its self-lubricating and pipe-free 3-in-1 design, it is not only very easy to service – it can also be done onsite, Left: Jesper Bentzen, Global Sales Director, High Pressure Pumps, Danfoss; Right: Vijay, Sales Manager, ASEAN Region, High Press Pumps, Danfoss explained Vijay. iSave captures hydraulic energy from the high pressure reject stream of the SWRO process and transfers the energy back into the system. With that, it drastically reduces the energy consumption regardless of flow rate and the size of the customer’s SWRO system. WWA Water & Wastewater Asia • November / December 2018 INSIGHT | 41