Water & Wastewater Asia Nov/Dec 2018

Water & Wastewater Asia • November / December 2018 58 | TECH ROUND UP Cambridge Consultants uses a l go r i t hms to understand water usage By tracking water usage, Cambridge Consultants looks to change water behaviour. T hough the idea – and sensor – is simple, Cambridge Consultants seems to have found the perfect combination of water information and algorithms to alter human behaviour with water. From left to right: Nathan Wrench, Commercial Director, Head of Industrial & Energy at Cambridge Consultants; Wang Bin, VP, Business Development (Asia) at Cambridge Consultants; and David McHardy, Senior Engineer, Products & Systems at Cambridge Consultants “With AquaML, we can differentiate between different water-using devices being used in a home or premise, generating water usage data from each water-using devises like showers and toilets using one single water sensor on the main pipe,” Wang Bin, VP, Business Development (Asia) at Cambridge Consultants, explained. “The disaggregated data can then provide utility companies with detailed insights into water usage, both in terms of time of use and type of use. This opens up opportunities for them