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September October 2015
In The Spotlight
Water & Wastewater Asia
Ramboll Water:
Going Beyond the
Water Blueprint
houses? We’re so much more than that, says Hanne Christensen, Managing Director,
Ramboll Water.
Zoey Chong
uring amedia luncheon with the Danish Ambassador
to Singapore H.E. Berit Basse at her residence, she
asked the table what comes to mind when we think
of Denmark.
A variety of answers surfaced – from the
Little Mermaid
and the Tivoli to snaps and Danish cookies. Some talked about
the country’s rich history reflected in her architecture, and
others mentioned cycling as a way of getting around. Her face
brightened when one went on further to say urban planning,
sustainability and smart cities.
Indeed, Denmark has a lot to offer to visiting tourists,
but at the same time, the country is famous for its
excellence in urban planning, a key focus on sustainability,
and most of all, top-notch water-related innovations and
management – something that Ramboll Water is very much
a part of.
Ramboll Head Office,
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