Water & Wastewater Asia Sep/Oct 2018

AKVOTEK provides water filtration system for a school in Vietnam Water & Wastewater Asia • September / October 2018 NEWS | 11 AKVOTEK, together with Australia government (Australian Aid), Australian Water Association and HydroScience Asia handed over its Advanced Water Filtration System to Trường Tiểu học Mỹ Hòa 1, an elementary school in Đồng Tháp province, Vietnam. This plant treats highly turbid river water into safe drinking water without the use of chemicals —making this the latest and most advanced treatment technology being applied to a school in rural Vietnam. The safe and affordable water is catered to more than 800 people — for the students and faculty of the said school, and the school intends to engage local women to operate a business in selling the potable water to the local community so as to provide low-cost safe drinking water; replacing the bottled water they current purchase. “We are thankful that we are able to share our technology to this community. This advance water treatment system takes raw river water and process it to provide safe, drinkable water. Providing a modern, yet affordable water treatment system is a great opportunity for Akvotek, not only to demonstrate our company’s capability, but also help elevate the lives of people and actually make a difference,” said Akvotek CEO Mark Forbes. The event was well-attended by officials from Australia, Vietnam and Cambodia parties, signifying the massive support for this project. “The Australian Water Association shares in the vision to provide safe drinking water to everyone. Drinking water that is free from The event was well-attended by officials from Australia, Vietnam and Cambodia parties, signifying the massive support for this project From left: An Nguyễn (Position, Company), Paul Smith (International Manager, Australian Water Association), Mark Forbes (CEO, Akvotek), Murray Winstanley (Chairman, Akvotek), Ken Huynh (Managing Director, HydroScience) and George Harris (Chairman, HydroScience) contamination, liberates a person fromwater borne illnesses and dehydration. Now that this fundamental need is fulfilled, we can expect the community to perform in better capacity and achieve higher pursuits,” said Paul Smith, international manager of Australian Water Association. Akvotek’s advanced water treatment system’s technology can filter dirty water into clean water with a capacity of 10,000 liters per day. The system serves not only the entire school population, but also the community it belongs to. “We thank the Australian sponsors for installing the advanced water treatment system at Trường Tiểu học Mỹ Hòa 1. This is an important solution to our problem, the lack of clean water in this locality. The school and its community take on the responsibility to manage and maintain the water treatment system to ensure the continued success of this project,” said Nguyen Thanh Hoan, deputy director of the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development. But this is only the beginning as Akvotek plans to continue helping other communities live fuller lives by providing cleaner drinking water. WWA