Water & Wastewater Asia Sep/Oct 2018

Water & Wastewater Asia • September / October 2018 XYLEM SPECIAL | 15 particularly focused around resilience: How to help customers and communities become more resilient when it comes to these natural disasters, flooding events and so forth,” he added. An example is the unveiling of the new Godwin FP Dri-Prime Flood Protection Series at Singapore International Water Week (SIWW) from July 8-12. UNDERSTANDING THE GODWIN FP DRI-PRIME FLOOD PROTECTION SERIES This latest innovation fromXylem’s renowned Godwin brand is the first set of high flow, portable pumps certified to handle the world’s toughest dewatering challenge: Flood protection. Specifically designed for the removal of destructive floodwaters, the Godwin FP Series is the first set of high flow, portable flood mitigation pumps to earn the seal of approval from FM Global, the largest private insurer of commercial and industrial properties in the world. Flinton explained, “They [FM Global] have a very stringent certification process. They focus on loss prevention— not just insuring against it but how to prevent losses. They have a global team of engineers that develop very strict products standards too.” “TheGodwin FPSeries has been tested to their rigorous standards down to the individual component level to make sure they operate properly in really harsh environments,” he added. Cities across Asia, from Mumbai to Jakarta, are increasingly exposed to unpredictable weather patterns. Globally, FM Global report that annual losses due to flooding costs companies US$2-3 billion worldwide and this figure is expected to rise — endangering property, livelihoods and the environment. FM certified flood mitigation pumps have been rigorously tested for their ability to efficiently and reliably remove water. The wide range of the Godwin FP Series — which includes the FP100, the FP150, the FP225, and the FP300 — enables rapid dewatering of any flood protection challenge. The portable Godwin Flood Protection Series offers optional Field Smart Technology — the first-in-industry telemetry and wireless technology that provides smart remote monitoring and control of the pump from any smartphone, tablet or desktop computer. The pumps available in the Godwin FP Dri- Prime Series also come equipped with the exclusive Godwin liquid bath mechanical seal to enable extended dry-running, helping to reduce overall maintenance costs. The powerful flood mitigation series is further strengthened by the portability of the pumps, allowing for rapid deployment in the most hazardous conditions during emergency situations. “It’s beyond the price. It’s not just selling a piece of metal or renting a piece of metal. It’s really about helping the customers develop a complete solution that will mitigate the impact of floodwaters,” said Flinton. WWA The Godwin FP Dri-Prime Flood Protection Series