Water & Wastewater Asia Sep/Oct 2018

A t this year’s Singapore International Water Week (SIWW), the crowd was highly appreciative of a new sustainable and innovative stand-alone solution — the CeraMac ® C-series skid packages; the C19 and C37. Based on ceramic membranes, the CeraMac ® is a well designed and engineered filtration process that has lower energy consumption, high reliability and a powerful Sustainable. Effective. Innovative. PWNT explains why the CeraMac ® C-series is the way to go. backwash (at a pressure of 5 bar). “The most remarkable thing about the ceramic membranes is that they are handmade. They come from Japan and are very sustainable. A polymer membrane is the standard treatment in some utilities and lasts about five years. But ceramic membranes can last at least 20 years or even longer,” said Debbie Middendorp, chief marketing officer of PWNT. 1. Debbie Middendorp, Chief Marketing Officer of PWNT; and Joke Cuperus, CEO of PWN and PWNT 2. METAWATER’s ceramic membranes have been proven to be in stable operation for 20 years and more 3. PWNT have designed the CeraMac ® C-series that is robust, has a long life cycle, reliable, easy to maintain and with low energy consumption 1 3 2