Water & Wastewater Asia Sep/Oct 2018

Water & Wastewater Asia • September / October 2018 32 | FROM THE GROUND L E G E N D A R Y Leaks, inaccurate measurements, fraud or poor management of water systems are issues for many water utilities. To combat these challenges, Diehl Metering improved the HYDRUS and launched the HYDRUS 2.0 to meet the global water challenges with precision and performance. Allan Toh, Head of Southeast Asia Operations, Diehl Metering; and Florian Hostert, Head of International Sales, Diehl Metering Germany I n a study done by the World Bank, the global estimate of physical water losses is at 32 billion cubic meters annually, hence, water utilities are faced with huge financial costs in treating and pumping water, but only to have it leaked back into the ground and losing the revenue. With better non-revenue water management, utilities are able “to expand and improve service, enhance financial performance, make cities more attractive, increase climate resilience and reduce energy consumption,” according to Bill Kingdom, lead water and sanitation specialist for the Water Global Practice of the World Bank. With over 150 years of experience and a leader in providing smart metering solutions, Diehl Metering improved its HYDRUS and launched the HYDRUS 2.0.