Water & Wastewater Asia Sep/Oct 2018

Water & Wastewater Asia • September / October 2018 46 | INSIGHT In a time of aging infrastructure, Schneider Electric revolutionises with digitisation Schneider Electric is leading the digital transformation of energy managementandautomation.Discoverhowthissmartwatertechnology leaderenhanceskeyprocessesandapplicationsacross thewatercycle. F ounded in 1836, over the years, Schneider Electric has not only expanded to all corners of the globe, they have developed a sense of where the future lays, choosing to concentrate on providing solutions, energy management and automation with almost uncanny acumen. “One of the things that is very important next to the broad spectrum of products that we offer in energy management, automation and digitisation is that we’re also trying to specialise by “verticalising” markets,” Executive Vice President, Industry, Peter Herweck, said. “We believe that this is very important because the customers we meet are usually experts in their respective fields and they want to talk to other experts not on a product level, but also to people who want to Left to right: Shanmugavel Subramaniam, Segment Leader, Water & Wastewater Segment; Peter Herweck, Executive Vice President, Industry; and Doug Warren, Vice President, Strategic Partnerships, AVEVA, at Singapore International Water Week