Water & Wastewater Asia Sep/Oct 2018

Water & Wastewater Asia • September / October 2018 52 | TECH ROUND UP The submersible pump for provisional sewage bypass between manholes NEW SUBMERSIBLE PUMP FOR SEWAGE BYPASS Tsurumi has a new pump for bypassing sewage between manholes in the sewage piping renewal work. Known as the KRSU822, the new product is a submersible sewer bypass pump. Since sewage piping suffers from aging- related deterioration and can be damaged by earthquakes, sewage piping requires regular and consistent repairs and replacement. In addition, the area residents who will be inconvenienced by the sewage piping repair works will also need to be addressed too. And this is on top of work efficiency, and the health and safety of the workers who will be handling the inflow sewage. Hence, provisional draining that temporarily bypasses the sewage via a pump is extremely effective. UNDERSTANDING THE KRSU822 The KRSU822 submersible pump features a maximum head of 26.5m, maximum capacity of 5.7m 3 /min, and a compact space-saving design of just 546mm in diameter. With the standard engine pumps, it is usually difficult to suck up fluid from a depth of 7m or more, but the KRSU822 pump is able to Submersible sewer bypass pumping