Water & Wastewater Asia Sep/Oct 2018

Water & Wastewater Asia • September / October 2018 W ater Loss Asia (WLA), a specialised conference and exhibition which addresses challenges, opportunities, latest technologies and innovations to reduce water loss, will be held in Taiwan this year. This biennial event, started in 2008, will be held in different cities—bringing the NRW (non-revenue water) industry together to share experiences and knowledge while bringing solutions to the host country and the region. Themed “Efficient NRW reduction through holistic approach and successful implementation”, Water Loss Asia 2018 aims to bridge the gap, and engage the government, water utilities, industry and research institutes (quadruple helix partnership). Together, the event place a spotlight on NRW challenges faced by Asian utilities through sharing of success stories, learning how to achieve successful NRW reduction through a holistic approach and discover how to ensure continuous success, while finding out about the latest innovative technologies available as well as many other knowledge-sharing opportunities throughout the event. Proudly supported by the TaiwanWater Corporation and Aqua Taiwan, WLA2018 brings together NRWprofessionals from all over Taiwan and the region. Here, NRW professionals can meet, network, and share their experiences with key industry players, technology providers and explore solutions and best practices in NRW management. WLA2018 CONFERENCE (29-30 AUGUST) WLA2018 Conference is where NRW professionals; water utilities; government; and researchers meet, learn, and network. Don’t miss this important gathering to learn from expert practitioners, water utilities, key players, policy makers, and technology innovators. Discussions at this conference will focus on current issues, challenges, best practices, case studies, methodologies and solutions for a holistic approach and successful implementation of sustainable NRW. NRW WORKSHOP: THE FOUR PILLARS OF MANAGING PHYSICAL LOSSES (31 AUG) NRW is an issue that many water utilities across Asia are struggling to manage. However, it is the volume of physical losses that is most significant due to aging infrastructures and the ever-expanding networks, which place an operational strain on the utilities. This workshop will concentrate on the four pillars of managing physical losses, which is set out by the International Water Associations’ Water Loss Specialist Group. A key feature will be the introduction of the latest technologies in Asset Assessment, Leakage Detection, Pressure Management and Repair technologies, which are rapidly becoming the most effective methods for managing physical losses. This workshop will focus on: • Advances in intelligent pressure control. • Low-impact in-pipe inspection technologies for leak detection and condition assessment. • The necessary detection of leakage in trunk mains. • Repairingmains under pressure to reduce the effect on customers. Water Loss Asia 2018 will take place from 29 th to 31 st August 2018 in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. WWA The theme for Water Loss 2018 will be “Efficient NRW reduction through holistic approach and successful implementation” Water Loss Asia 2018 will take place from 29 th to 31 st August 2018 in Kaohsiung, Taiwan SHOW PREVIEW | 55 The sixth edition of Water Loss Asia is in Taiwan