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NORD: A strong partner during the crisis

NORD productions, NORD DRIVESYSTEMS, production, COVID-19

Partitions between the workplaces protect the employees in the assembly area Even in the current challenging times, the drive specialist NORD DRIVESYSTEMS keeps the world turning. The delivery availability is fully guaranteed for all products. Furthermore, the investments in locations and logistics continue as planned. In the present course of …

LANXESS donates disinfectants to Singapore to fight coronavirus

LANXESS, Singapore, COVID-19

To help fight the current COVID-19 pandemic in Singapore, German specialty chemicals company LANXESS has donated powdered concentrate of its highly effective Rely+OnTM VirkonTM disinfectant sufficient to make 20,000 litres of disinfectant solution. Recipients are hospitals and dormitories. The donation is part of a LANXESS global initiative to …

Water industry told to prepare for COVID-19 waves

COVID-19, British Water

The water industry was told to prepare for the likelihood of COVID-19 “being with us for two to three years”, until a vaccine has been developed and three billion plus people vaccinated. The recommendation came from founder and chairman of technology and innovation consultancy Isle Utilities, Dr Piers Clark, who is leading an …