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Pursel Named Northeast Region Construction Services Area Manager for Water/Wastewater

Thomas Pursel, Gannett Fleming, Northeast Region Construction Services Area Manager for water/wastewater

Gannett Fleming, a global infrastructure and engineering firm, has appointed Thomas Pursel, PE, as the Northeast Region Construction Services Area Manager for water/wastewater.   Thomas Pursel, PE, was named Northeast Region Construction Services Area Manager for water/wastewater. (photo credit: gannettflemig) “Tom has demonstrated …

Editor’s pickOur clothes are contaminating our planet with tiny plastic threads

microfibres, environmental ills, microplastics, filters, wastewater treatment, ocean protection

Minute fibers shed from synthetic textiles are polluting oceans, streams, rivers — even the air we breathe — with unknown consequences. By Mary Catherine O’Connor, originally published on Ensia Editor’s note: This report is part one of a three-part series on the emerging threat of microfiber pollution. …

Editor’s pickNational Stormwater Alliance releases first state-by-state snapshot of programmes managing polluted runoff

National Stormwater Alliance, 2018 State of Stormwater Report, state-by-state, programmes, polluted runoff, storm water, U.S

The National Municipal Stormwater Alliance (NMSA) announced yesterday the release of its inaugural 2018 State of Stormwater Report. The report provides an overview of municipal stormwater programmemes across the U.S., detailing the challenges and opportunities communities face in managing polluted runoff. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency …

Opposition not supportive of Johor’s second water operator plan

Water operator, Johor

There are plans to set up a second water operator company in Johor to rely less on existing company SAJ Ranhill Sdn Bhd, but the Opposition believes the plan is not viable. Mentri Besar Datuk Osman Sap­ian said if the plan were to be implemented, water users in the state will have more options. He commented that the state government would …

Editor’s pickWELTEC Group Takes Over 2.2-MW Biogas Plant in North Germany

WELTEC, Germany, Plant, Water

As of 1 August 2018, Nordmethan GmbH, a company of the WELTEC BIOPOWER Group, has taken over an insolvent biogas plant in Südergellersen, Lower Saxony. The project development work is currently under way. „Following a takeover negotiation process of about two years, we will speedily modernise the plant technology in order to ensure its …

Water Environment Research Open Access Article Shows Multiple Environmental Benefits from Indirect Potable Reuse

Water, Water Environment Research, WER,

The open access article in the August 2018 issue of Water Environment Research (WER) uses a triple bottom line approach to assess the benefits of reclaimed water management strategies. The research examines how potable reuse of reclaimed water addresses water needs, including meeting a growing water demand, preserving inald ecosystems, and …

Editor’s pickBionetix® International Introduces Natural and Economical Approach to Enhancing Water Clarity

Bionetix, Water, Solution, Natural

Water clarity is an important part of water quality. It impacts the health of plants and fish and affects the appearance of recreational waterways. Good water quality is challenged by the natural buildup of decaying plant and fecal matter, which increases TSS (total suspended solids) and organic sludge. It is also threatened by nutrient rich …

New hurricane-force screen lives up to expectations in Utah

Hurricane-force screen, wastewater treatment lagoons, Lakeside’s Raptor Fine Screen

At a Utah, United States (U.S.), facility that has seven wastewater treatment lagoons treating 1.5 MGD and over 300 acres of farm land, a new screen has immediately improved aerator reliability, with an added benefit of significantly improving system aesthetics. Constructed in the early 1980’s, the lagoons transitioned over the course of …

Editor’s pickSUEZ’s New TrueSense* Analyze Reduces Water, Energy and Greenhouse Gas Emissions by Digitally Monitoring Boiler Water Chemistry

Suez, Water, Technology, Digital, Boiler Water

TrueSense Analyze measures key system chemistry parameters for optimization of chemistry usage and decreases the total cost of steam production and asset management.  “Our new state-of-the-art, digitally enabled boiler water chemistry monitoring and control system is revolutionary in that it can help users increase steam production and …