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square_8 The Rise of Digitalisation: Making Sense of Big Data with Siemens
Siemens showcased its extensive portfolio for the water and wastewater industries at ACHEMA 2015 as one of a mere handful of manufacturers that fulfils the role of a full-scope supplier in the sector. Against the backdrop of increasing vertical and horizontal integration, this approach offers unique scope for the development of integrated solutions. Dr Andreas Pirsing tells more in an exclusive interview  Read More... 

 Establishing Singapore as a Membrane Hub
On 28 September 2015, the National University of Singapore (NUS) launched the Membrane Science and Technology Consortium (MSTC). According to Professor Gary Amy, Coordinator of the MSTC who oversees activities and the evolution of the Consortium, this will help to raise Singapore's visibility in the membrane technology domain, encouraging more research collaborations, translational and commercialisation activities as well as funding opportunities:  Read More...  

square_8 Synder Filtration Launches New Nanofiltration Membrane for Dye Desalting Applications
Membrane filtration is becoming widely used to produce high-quality dyestuffs while minimising product loss during processing. To respond to a growing demand, Synder Filtration has developed the NDX, which recovers dye while passing through high quantities of salt. In this paper, the company summarises the flat sheet and 2540 element tests performed at both Synder HQ (Vacaville, CA) and at a leading dyestuffs manufacturer in Mumbai, India:  Read More...

square_8 Overcoming Design Challenges for a Successful Hybrid Power, Water Desalination and Salt Generation Solution: 200,000 m3/day MED-TVC Plant in Tianjin, China
Located in North China, the Tianjin Beijiang Power Plant is a highly efficient, large-scale engineering system combining a power plant, seawater desalination and salt product from brine and managed as an integrated system. According to IDE Technologies, the plant is representative of the circulating economy model in China: Read More... 


square_8 A Fine Beginning
The treatment process for all sewage begins at the headworks, and headworks facilities are responsible for a variety of pretreatment processes, of which proper debris screening is crucial to improving operational efficiencies, lowering energy and maintenance costs and protecting downstream equipment. In this article, JWC Environmental looks at some pointers that will better equip managers to make the decision to a fine beginning      Read More...

square_8 Effluent and River Monitoring in Asia
Continuous effluent and river monitoring has become popular in Asia, although the identification of polluted waters can prove challenging. For this reason, Xylem Analytics examines river monitoring with spectrometry sensors Read More...

square_8 How to Size and Select Metering Pumps
Metering pumps have long set the standard in chemical injection applications - though only if the operator selects an appropriate model that addresses all of the operational variables. Neptune Chemical Pump Company explains different metering pump technologies and demonstrates how operators should size and select metering pumps based on applications  Read More...

square_8 Intermittent Operation: An Irresistible Attraction?
Operating wastewater treatment plant processes or equipment intermittently offers the irresistible attraction of reduced energy costs. However, when taken too far or applied under inappropriate conditions, treatment processes can be damaged. Marcia Sherony from Hydro International looks at the trend to introduce intermittent plant operation in some wastewater treatment processes, and considers the opportunities and pitfalls  Read More...

square_8 Desalination - Australia's Experience Offers Global Lessons
In response to the decade-long Millennium Drought which officially ended in 2012, Australian utilities have invested more than AUD 30 billion to create a diverse portfolio of water supply sources to reduce reliance on surface water in rivers and dams - of which desalination has become a key component of securing supplies Read More... 

square_8 Myanmar Water 2015 
square_8 IFAT India 2015 

square_8 Myanwater 2015 Read More... 

square_8 Eco Expo Asia 2015 Read More... 

square_8 IWA Water and Development Congress & Exhibition 2015  Read More...