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square_8 Kurita Water Industries: Working as One in Southeast Asia
Localisation is not a new concept to MNCs; yet, more often than not, many find themselves struggling to handle the operations at different subsidiaries within one region. How does Kurita Water Industries do it? Find out more here:  Read More... 

square_8 Perceptive Engineering Ltd: Blazing a Trail in Southeast Asia
Recently announced as a finalist in the prestigious Water Industry Achievement Awards for the second year running, Perceptive Engineering Ltd made its move into Southeast Asia approximately 12 months ago with the establishment of a regional office in Singapore. Mr David Lovett, Managing Director of the company tells why.  Read More...

square_8 Key Player in an Innovative Concept for the Medical Sector

A strategic investment that pays for itself - this was what Eduardo van den Berg, Managing Director of Pharmafilter, dubbed the new integrated solution for the medical sector that his company developed based on the Berghof Membrane Technology (BMT). BMT's Managing Director, Eric Wildeboer, reveals all behind the scene.  Read More...

square_8 Melaka Gets Tough on Non Revenue Water Loss
UNESCO World Heritage Site Melaka embarked on an aggressive plan more than five years ago to upgrade their water infrastructure in hopes of reducing Non Revenue Water (NRW) loss. Singer valve Malaysia discusses how they facilitated the city's NRW team in implementing their District Metered Area plan.  Read More... 

square_8 The Dutch Waterway to Innovation
The NFIA highlights four outstanding innovations that were recognised at the Dutch Water Innovation Awards last year. These projects were selected based on their feasibility in application within the duties of the Association of the Dutch Water Boards.  Read More...  

square_8 The Tunnel as One-Of-A-Kind Solution to Flash Flooding
Xylem unveils its unique pumping solution to combat Kuala Lumpur's frequent flash floods and traffic congestions.  Read More... 

square_8 Hong Kong's Key to Reducing Water Loss - Pressure Management Technology
At the top of Hong Kong's water agenda is reducing leakage, and Black & Veatch shares how pressure management technology has been the key to facilitating the State in its agenda.  Read More... 

square_8 Fancy Free Green Energy?
Energy is required in almost every process - and it definitely comes at a hefty price. What would be better than to be able to enjoy energy at low to no cost that is also friendly to the environment? GWE-CST tells more.  Read More... 

square_8 Cloudburst Mitigation in Copenhagen - Preparing the City for the Future Climate Change

Dubbed the world's most liveable city in 2014, Copenhagen is dealing with the impact of climate change and future extreme weather conditions. With the help of Ramboll, the city will implement a cloudburst masterplan over the next 30 years to combat a 100-year rain event.  Read More...

square_8 Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) - A Case Study
Even today, Orest D Protch finds that many WWTPs are still missing premixers in their DAF installations. Here, he tells us the importance of including the premixer for reductions in chemical use and improved operation.  Read More...

square_8 3W Expo 2015
What does a good trade show entail? Is it size and the number of exhibitors and visitors? Or is it something else? 3W Expo turns its focus elsewhere during its show in January and leaves it to you to decide how successful it was. WWA reports from the ground.  Read More...

square_8 Ozwater ‘15

Moving out of Southeast Asia, WWA spies AWA's Ozwater ‘15 happening mid-May. Join WWA as we delve into the reasons behind the rising importance of the Australian water & wastewater market that will become the drive for your attendance.  Read More...

square_8 Global Water Summit 2015
And even further out of Asia-Pacific and into Europe, the Global Water Summit will hold for its 9th edition in April. Find out more with WWA now.  Read More...

square_8 Water Malaysia 2015
Also in April, Water Malaysia will stir up a storm in Southeast Asia. Discover how so with WWA.  Read More...

square_8 Indo Water Expo & Forum 2015
Hailed as one of the biggest trade shows in the region, Indo Water Expo & Forum returns to Jakarta, Indonesia this May. Plan ahead with WWA as we look into the programmes slated for the 2015 edition.  Read More...

square_8 Thai Water 2015
Following 3W Expo, we see Thai Water coming up in June. How does it compare with 3W Expo? We don't know yet, but the organisers give us a sneak peek into the upcoming exhibition.  Read More...